No abstract expressionism abstraction if there is likewise no Burgo a painting that we do not associate a symbolic surrealism.                             He sees beyond what the eyes allow us to visualize, sensitive and tries to combine the strong emotionally difficult balance leads him to see the suffering, human hope in each of his works and conveys the true functioning of thought.



The force with which strikes us, is due to the energy of the plasma to live each day the best that nobody sees the nerve of his fellow firefighter combines his work with the self-taught painter, reflecting the color of strength and fighting spirit. In each box there is a cry of hope, I have to leave this note so that you understand why his work strikes us with such reality that overwhelms us, otherwise it would be impossible to understand as their faces without eyes, not a painter pessimism, hope is a painter.

It is characterized by its artistic, among other things, for being one of the innovators of the concept of graphic expression through a variety of treatment techniques of painting inexperienced so far, and reasoned and rational theorizing that leads explaining the development of abstraction in the conduct of its work. Looking unstoppable dramatic representation of the subconscious. All this is conditioned by the quest to raise emotions on public and leading a series of such radical and unfamiliar feelings.

As points to consider your career we can distinguish two stages in the first stage a cascade plasma artistic color abstract expressionist figures disordered harmonic pursuit of beauty without the (shape or form) but seeking new thrills with big load emotional, its second phase envisions been shaped plastic and performing physical work “action painting” non-figurative painting.

Try to express through color and material of the box, sensations such as movement, speed, energy. They are very important color and pictorial materials not specifically working with it (sand, sawdust, stones …) to get a particular area on the surface of the table.


Jokin Burgo is the force, not leave you unmoved his work, as every artist has that vein of genius that only knows how to make a clean spirit and capture on a table or on a canvas. One author of that you have to believe and go for it. His work does not leave you unmoved, take a stand, it makes you think and you closer to the earthly to the spiritual, the power of expression.